Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Government Capital Equities and Assets have always for hundred of Years been King Investments to use to Build Wealth...Today a Popular Way is to Lease & Monetize MTNs and other Instruments...
MTNs are Leased, Monetize, and Purchase by Attending Our Submission Seminars the end of 3 Days You will be Guaranteed Success 100% of all Submissions via US will Result In Profits and Your Objectives Achieved.  WE NEED YOU IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND SO I AM GOING TO DEMAND THAT YOU ORDER A MINIMUM OF 2 BOOKS STATED ABOVE AND THAT YOU SHOW UP AT OUR SUBMISSION SEMINAR WITH THEM IN YOUR HAND...BUY THEM TODAY!!!

Cost$:   ?$3,500 (Due upon Arrival to Sacramento) Seminar & Outline Contract and Up to $50K to Travel, Open Accounts under New England Corp (payable on the Day we Travel to England with Investors)

Let me know what questions or concerns you may have? I'm available should you need me. Don't hesitate to call or contact me.  Swift Capable Investors we do verify Funds for Clients before taking them to Trade!!!
Offers:      1 3023775120 text only



1) Client produces to SWC LLC (Compliance Company) CIS,
   Passports, & POF at 5% Up Front disclosure
2 & 3) Contract is issued, Client countersigns less than 72 hrs
   with Monetization Bank Target 
4) Leased Instrument in 21 -      25 days
5) Funds released to client
   for 1 year

1) Funds/Instruments verified by Monetize Compliance for
   up to 85% LTV target
2 & 3) Client receives contract & countersigns it
   less than 72 hrs
4) Client get verified contract
   back from Trader
5) Client sends MT799 confirms
   MT760 capacity.
6) Monetizer replies with MT799 with MT760

7) Client send MT760 block
8) MT760 received, verified,
   & credited
9) HSBC Trade Account Opened for Client with Access
   to Draw Down

Leveraging steps of an account using a WIRE into our trade account:

            1) Funds verified by trader's compliance.
            2) Client receives contract.
            3) Client sends contract back
            4) Client receives countersigned contract back from Trader                  
            5) Client sends bank wire of $ 50,000,000 +
            6) Trader Account pays 500M to Client account after 21 day
                Trade program done.
            7) Client can choose to place funds into either of the below 


A) 20 week - This program yields you 10B; 500,000,000 EURO  for a
      period of 20 weeks 
Paid to your Desired account every Tuesday of 
      each week 
  B) 40 week - This program yields you 50B; 1,250,000,000 Euro / wk for
       a period of 40 wks.
   Paid to your Desired account every Tuesday of 


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